Welcome to the Teasing and Humor 

in Other's Relationships Study

You are invited to participate in a research study. The purpose of this study is to better understand the cognitive and affective processes of teasing. This research will help us understand the nature of teasing.


During this experiment, you will be asked to watch a video clip on a computer screen. Before and after watching the clip, you will be asked a series of questions related to your experiences. This entire procedure should take about 00 minutes.


No known risks.


Your participation in this study can provide valuable information to advance knowledge about the nature of media experiences.


All data will be kept confidential. Your data will be identified only by a gender-specific subject number. Data will be recorded anonymously and reported as aggregates.


Extra Credit participation will be worth X points (Your professor will tell you details).


If you have questions at any time about the study or the procedures, you may contact the researcher, Dr. Carol Mills, at Phifer Hall, Room 210E, 205-348-6165, or cbmills@bama.ua.edu.

If you have any questions about your rights as a research participant you may contact Ms. Tanta Myles, The University of Alabama Research Compliance Officer, at 205-348-5152.


Your participation in this study is voluntary; you may refuse to participate without penalty. If you decide to participate, you may withdraw from the study at any time without penalty and without loss of benefits to which you are otherwise entitled. If you withdraw from the study before your data collection session is completed, your data will be destroyed.

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[When you answer the questions, don't think twice.
First impression is the best answer!!!]